Salary report for CEOs, managing directors in Germany

Cover of the salary report for CEOS and managing directors in Germany

What is the remuneration of managing directors in germany?

The salary report for managing directors in Germany in various industries provides information about the present market situation.
48th Edition of 2018, with tables and charts, pdf.


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The salary report analyzes the current compensation of managing directors and executive board members.

Data base:

970 Managing directors (shareholder and employee managing directors)
493 Companies

Influencing Factors:
Company size (by revenue and no. of employees)
Status (sole director, ceo, spokesman of the management board, full member of the management)
Capital interest (with/without equity share)
Work experience

Compensation elements:

Base salary
Short-term & long-term incentives (STI, LTI)
Total direct compensation 
Salary development 
Pension scheme
Company car

Overview of Job-Profiles:
CEO / managing director
Deputy chairman of the management- / executive board
Full member of the management- / executive board
Deputy member of the management- / executive board
Sole director